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by Connecticut Registered Agent LLC

Connecticut LLC

A Connecticut LLC is a type of business entity that provides tax flexibility along with limited liability protection. You can start your Connecticut LLC by filing Articles of Organization with the Connecticut Secretary of State. However, navigating all the state statutes and business forms can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here.

As a locally-owned company, we’re focused on providing professional business formation and Connecticut registered agent service at a low, affordable price. Seriously! Our Connecticut LLC formation package is a killer deal, which includes a free operating agreement template, registered agent service, and a secure online account to store all your important documents. Let us help you form your Connecticut LLC today!

Our Connecticut LLC Formation Service

Look no further! We offer the best and most affordable Connecticut LLC package you’ll find anywhere.

Connecticut LLC Service Offers

  • 3 Day LLC Processing (Holiday & Weekend Processed Next Business Day!)
  • FREE Operating Agreement Template, Membership Certificates, initial Resolutions & More
  • Free use of our address on formation documents
  • Instant Registered Agent Services – only $49 a year.
  • Annual Report Reminders
  • 365 Days of CT Registered Agent Services
  • Instant Delivery System
  • Online Account to Monitor, Track, Receive Important Business Documents
  • No Hidden Fees!

How to Form a Connecticut LLC

Although we’re always ready to help you form your Connecticut LLC, we certainly understand if you’d like to file the business formation documents yourself. In order to start a Connecticut LLC, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Name Your Connecticut LLC
  • File a Connecticut Certificate of Organization
  • Appoint a Connecticut Registered Agent
  • Create a Connecticut Operating Agreement
  • Get an EIN from the IRS

If all of these steps seem overwhelming, don’t worry. We’ll break everything down for you below.

Name Your Connecticut LLC

The first step to forming your Connecticut LLC is choosing a business name. However, there are specific state rules you’ll need to follow. Per CT Gen Stat § 34-243k (2020), your Connecticut LLC’s name must:

  • Be distinguishable, meaning your business name can’t be identical or too similar to an existing Connecticut business.
  • Include a business identifier such as “Limited Liability Company” or “LLC.”
  • Not contain misleading language. So, if your LLC is a bakery, you can’t include the words “nonprofit.”

Before you settle on a business name, you can check if your name is available by searching the Connecticut Business Records.

File a Connecticut Certificate of Organization

To legally form your LLC, you must file a Certificate of Organization with the Connecticut Secretary of State, Business Services Division. The form will ask for the following information:

  • Name and address of the person filing the Certificate of Organization
  • Business name
  • Principal address for your LLC
  • Mailing address for your LLC
  • Name and signature of your Connecticut registered agent
  • Registered agent business address (if applicable)
  • Registered agent mailing address – this must be a physical address, not a PO Box.
  • Member or manager information – you must include the name and address of at least one member or manager.
  • Business email address (if applicable)
  • NAICS code – This is a number that classifies the type of business you are starting. You can check the Census website to find the classification that best describes your LLC.
  • Signature of person filing your Certificate of Organization

Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll need to file with the Connecticut Secretary of State and pay the $120 filing fee. You can submit by mail, in person, or online.

Appoint a Connecticut Registered Agent

A Connecticut Registered Agent is a person or entity appointed to accept service of process on behalf of your Connecticut LLC. Every Connecticut LLC is required to list a registered agent on the Certificate of Organization, which becomes public record. Per state laws, your Connecticut registered agent must be available during regular business hours to accept important mail. If you’d rather not be tied to your office all day, you can hire us to serve as your Connecticut registered agent. Plus, as a local registered agent company, we’ll list our business address on the public record instead of yours—increasing your level of privacy.

Create a Connecticut Operating Agreement

An operating agreement is the document that will define the structure of your Connecticut LLC. It is not required by the state of Connecticut to provide an operating agreement, but it is something that most businesses find helpful. An operating agreement organizes the makeup of your Connecticut LLC by defining important aspects of your businesses including management hierarchy, ownership percentages, business policies, and procedures.

Get an EIN

An EIN is the nine-digit number the IRS uses to identify your business on tax documents. Although most Connecticut LLCs won’t require an EIN, you’ll likely need one if you want to open a business bank account, which will help maintain your liability protection. Plus, an EIN prevents you from having to give potential vendors your social security number. You can obtain an EIN for free through the IRS. Or, you can pay an additional $50 when you hire us to form your Connecticut LLC and have us get an EIN for you.

Frequently Asked Connecticut LLC Questions

Do I need a bank account?

No, but you really should have one. A bank account for your Connecticut LLC will help you maintain your limited liability protection. How? Well, without a business bank account, a judge could find that your Connecticut LLC isn’t actually separate from you, the owner—meaning, you could be held personally liable for company debts.

Do I need to file a Connecticut Annual Report?

Yes. Connecticut LLCs are required to file an annual report every year. Filing your annual report ensures that the state has up-to-date contact information for your business. Your report will be due between January 31 and March 31 each year. Failing to file could result in your business being administratively dissolved by the state.

How much does it cost to form an LLC in Connecticut?

It costs $120 to file the Certificate of Organization with the Connecticut Secretary of State.

Should I consider registering a trade name (DBA)?

Lots of Connecticut companies operate under a trade name (sometimes referred to as a DBA) because it allows for franchising and branding opportunities. If you’d like to register a trade name, select our Trade Name Service inside your account after signing up for our business formation service. We will register your company’s trade name for $120.

Will your Connecticut registered agent fees ever increase?

No. Our registered agent service never goes up. Unlike our competitors we do not lure you in with low prices only to hit you with higher fees the following year.

Okay, I’m ready to begin. Now what?

Great. Just follow these steps.

  • Order our Connecticut LLC Formation Package
  • We will prepare and file your Articles of Organization in 1 business day
  • The state of Connecticut will confirm your LLC authorization
  • We will deliver your LLC documents to you
  • For $49 we will provide Connecticut Registered Agent Service for 1 year
  • Next year we will send you a renewal for registered agent service